2nd Grade DLI Book

2nd Grade DLI Book

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Make grammar instruction simple with DLI!


DLI for Grade 2 is a focused, stand-alone resource that specifically addresses writing conventions: capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and usage. It also includes an optional spelling component.

 Are you often frustrated with grammar instruction because…

  • it’s necessary, but you want to preserve a focus on authentic writing?
  • grammar programs can be overly time consuming?
  • supplemental materials you find don’t fit together well?
  • most resources don’t give ideas for direct instruction; they provide only review or practice items and assume the skill has been previously taught?
  • achieving carryover requires consistent review as well as teaching skills?
  • measurable growth is important in your world, but most resources do not offer meaningful assessments?

DLI is the answer! 

It offers five distinct advantages when compared to other language resources.

1. DLI focuses on one new skill each week.

2. It includes mini-lesson strategies that make it a snap for you to introduce the new skill.

3. It offers short, daily tasks (5-10 minutes) which allow you to build the new skill and provide a spiraling review.

4. DLI includes a weekly assessment with formats that mirror formal assessments to support your test preparation.

5. It includes pre-post assessments at six-week intervals to support intervention and celebration.

 Why was DLI created?

DLI was created by two teachers who shared your frustrations.  
They were committed to knitting together ALL of the elements of the instructional cycle into ONE cohesive resource to support your instruction from start to finish.

It was critical that DLI be focused and begin with direct skill instruction. Quick, daily tasks, embedded review, and weekly assessments completed the instructional cycle. 

These teacher and student-friendly materials have been helping teachers, homeschool parents, and tutors since 2002.

Imagine how good it will feel to build a strong foundation in writing conventions with just a few minutes a day and the support of DLI.

DLI provides strong support to address the increased rigor in your district and state standards, including the Common Core State Standards.

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494 pages-spiral bound

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